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Either before or after this bloody defloration, the victim was turned on his stomach. Bruises on the thighs indicate that she was being held while anal intercourse was then performed, which in turn suggests there must have been at least two, if not more, perpetrators. As a result of the anal intercourse, the anal canal was overstretched and torn. There was sperm in the rectum and traces of extensive bleeding in the rectum. Bruises on the body and face indicate that the victim was severely beaten, presumably by a man’s fist.

There are signs that the victim struggled. Under the nails of the second, third, and fourth fingers of the right hand were particles of skin and two black hairs, probably from a beard. The stitches were performed with such force that the third rib was notched and the sternum was pierced several times. The left lung was punctured twice and the right three times, slitting the pleura and tearing the internal lung tissue. Both wings probably collapsed immediately. Three stitches entered the heart, two of them in the right atrium, where there were wounds 0.799 centimeters and 0.887 centimeters

Inches wide. The third wound, in the right ventricle, was 0.803 centimeters wide. As a result of these heart injuries, there was an extensive accumulation of blood in the abdominal cavity.

The organs were normal except for the injuries mentioned. Weighing in resulted in 263 grams for the heart, 1.43 kilograms for the brain, 1.62 kilograms for the liver and 199 grams for the spleen.

Rob J. stayed up late that evening copying the report for the District Court records and for Mort London. The next morning the Sauks came to the farm and got Makwa-ikwa to bury high above the river next to their hedonoso-te. Rob had offered them this tomb without discussing it with Sarah first.

She got angry when she found out about this. “On our land! What did you think you were doing! A grave is for eternity, now it will be here for all time. We’ll never get rid of her! ”She cried angrily.

“Shut up, woman,” said Rob J. softly, and she turned and let him stand.

Moon washed Makva and put on her deerskin shaman’s robe. Alden offered to make a coffin, but the Indian said it was their custom to bury the dead only in their best blanket. So instead, Alden, who goes along singing, helped dig the graves. Moon let them start digging early in the morning.

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